Set default size for GIMP brushes?

Well, i downloaded some customized GIMP brushes from the internet.

Some were really huge, and it made me run slow.
What i do is i resize them right after choosing them (ver. 2.6.6=resizable brushes :D)

I was just wondering if there was any way to actually set the default size for the brushes? Just so that i don’t have to resize them and go through the choppy-ness everytime.

Can someone help me with gimp 2.6 toolbox?

i messed up something with my gimp and now whenever i try to use one of the tools it wont let me.

im using the paint tool and where it would usually give me the options to adjust my brush size or shape it just says “you can drop dockable dialogs here”

can someone please tell me what that means and how i get my old options back??

How do i install downloaded brushes into my photoshop element 6?

i really need help in trying to install this ” Smoke ” brush into my PS element 6 . The brush works for PS 7 and lower . I’ve tried asking and tried everything trying to install it in so i need step by step help please. Thank you.