adobe photoshop help, brush strokes continuous, please help, will award best answer.?

ok i am using abobe photoshop cs3, when i use the brush on photoshop, and i color a place in on the picture with the opacity set to 40%, then when i let go of the mouse and click on a different selection again it makes the brush stroke darker than what it was before, i forget how to change it so that it will stay a continuous stroke all through the picture, even when i let go of the mouse to do another brush stroke, thanks

How to Rotate Brush and/or Layer in Photoshop CS2?

Ok, so I made a brush some time ago and I’m using it right now, but I’d like to rotate it (it’s an 8-pointed star-like thing, sort of like a compass rose, but I want to turn it about 20 degrees clockwise). Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Also, how do I rotate a single layer?

Please keep in mind that I’m relatively new to Photoshop… simple, clear instructions would really help me out. Thanks! =)

Where can I find good photoshop athletic brushes/silhouettes?

I’m designing an athletic book for my school and I need a lot of different photoshop brushes that are sporty but I’m having trouble finding a variety since I have found the most common ones posted on the main brush sites like If anyone knows any good sites with sports brushes or silhouettes (male and female) that would be great!

If I download a “brush” for Adobe Photoshop CS3 on windows , how do i get it into photoshop so i could use it?

Because i dowload it and i dont know where to drag the brush. You know how when you download a font you drag it into your font book, where do i drag a brush?

I have Adobe Photoshop Elements and i’m trying to airbrush some pics, but i can’t find the heal brush?

My friends say they use photoshop to make flawless skin on there pictures… I have a program called “adobe photoshop element” however i can’t find the heal brush… Do i have the correct Photoshop on my computer that runs window’s xp or is it a photoshop just for apple computers?