Photoshop CS2 Cropping problem?

my crop tool (Not select, the actual crop tool) has changed (I don’t know how or what I did). I used to be able to crop rectangles of any size and shape I wanted, now I can only crop the sizes on the drop down list.
Also, when I select the brush tool, and the selection pot (This is for brushing in a difficult selection…..the area turns red after brushing which is then used as a selection) area it tells me the channel is locked.

Uploaing and downloading Photoshop brushes for my PC?

I recently got photoshop cs3 for my pc and I tried to upload brushes but it says there not in the right format.

Why isnt it working?
And what can i do to make it work?

Also, i am very used to working with PS on my mac at school, and i am fairly good at figuring out things but this has me stumped.

How do you add the faint, black stripes over a picture in photoshop?

check this out: I heard it’s a brush but my CS3 doesn’t seem to have it. I’m trying to make a portfolio and it would be really great if I could use this effect.

Adobe Photoshop 7 will not use any other tool but the hand tool?

I tried switching to the brush tool, and then the pen tool, and tried every other tool. It will show that I am on that selected tool, but the hand shows up and it’s all I can use.
I didn’t install anything new, and I tried closing out and opening the program again. I did that twice.
Is there anything I can do?

PS It’s NOT elements. It is Adobe Photoshop 7.
We can’t afford to buy or update…

Photoshop CS3 Brush Locations?

Hi Guys, I recently was playing around with making brushes in Photoshop CS3. I saved a few ones I made and now want to delete them. When I open the brush folder they are not in there with the rest of them. Where else could they be located? When I click brushes, then the arrow next to it and a big list appears with all of my brushes and options to save, load, replace and such all my brushes are listed and then there is a line followed with the few I want to delete. Thanks