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The Unique Greatness Advantage Life Success System.

Help With Adobe Photoshop CS2~?

Keep in mind the computer I’m using is Vista. Just in case that makes a difference…

So I’ve learned some things myself, but yet to figure out the awesome things I can do with it.
First, whenever I try to add a brush to the photoshop-thingy, it makes my computer freeze. Then I have to re-do it, and when I do, it freezes again. I still need help with that, annnd–
Second, I want to learn how to add multiple pictures onto one file… Yeah, this seems really easy but I guess I’m not trying so hard for this one.

Soooo…. Any help? And thanks. Plus, I’m a n00b, so you don’t have to post it and rub it in my faice. D:<

I have Photoshop elements 7 and it is stuck in a hand for the pointing device?

Everytime i start it up, then i go to full edit…i go on a brush or pencil and it is stuck on a hand as the pointing device..i dont know why..i have this program for vista and it does sometimes..usually when i really need to use photoshop…just help me out with the low down of this

Made a custom brush in photoshop…now can’t find it?

I made a custom brush in photoshop for my photos with my copyright info. I have been using it for months fine but I started a new project using many different special effects brushes, now I can’t find my custom made brush, I’ve tried resetting, I have looked in my presets/brushes folder and its not there, anyone know where else I can look. thanks!
I have already searched the abr files, and those are just sets of brushes I have found and it is in none of those sets. It was always with my regular set of brushed, it had a high number like 300 or something.

Need help in PhotoShop CS3 :/ using brushes?

I’ll do my best to try to explain what I need. Okay so say I’m using a brush and half of it goes off the picture, is there a way to make the half that went off go to the other side of the picture? I’m not talking about changing the brush size. I’m pretty familiar with PhotoShop so I’ll know what you are talking about. Sorry if you don’t get what I’m asking, I don’t really know how to explain it… Please help 😀 Oh yeah, steps would be nice

Looking for some “superheroes/fairies” Adobe Photoshop 7.0 brushes?

Does anyone know some good website that will allow you to download some brushes for Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for free? I already have some websites, but I am looking for some superheroic brushes, or some fairy brushes. If anyone knows any good, virus-free, websites, that would be a good help.