I am trying to fill a sun vector brush on photoshop CS2 and every time I fill no color shows just grey?

I use a apple computer. I keep having this problem with photoshop if i try and add any color the color always turns grey its getting me really aggravated! Any help will be appreciated.

Photoshop brush can’t turn off hue jitter?

No matter what settings I put, the brush tool always has hue jitter.

Example: http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x59/YokoAnekoji/freakingphotoshop.png
On the left is the brush, and on the right is with pencil tool for comparison.

And if it helps, the brush settings: http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x59/YokoAnekoji/brushsettings.png

I’m running Photoshop Elements 6 on Vista.

Help – GIMP 2.6 won’t let me extract brushes?

I’ve had GIMP 2.6 for quite some time now. I have just recently been interested in getting some different brushes, as I use it often and would like to try some different styles. But when I downloaded the brushes I wanted, I tried to extract the brushes to the right folder(Computer>C:>Program Files>GIMP>2.0>brushes), but they never show up! I went through the process of making one inside of GIMP and saving it, which worked, yet it still won’t let me extract any. I also tried extracting it somewhere else and then copy/paste into the folder, but that didn’t do anything either. Any help? :/

photoshop elements 3 brush question. how do you make brushes default brushes? good answer gets 10 points!?

i loaded a TON of brushes onto photoshop elements 3. and then they all went away after i accidentally clicked “default brushes on the brush type menu. i had to reload them…it sucked. haha. how to i get to “all brushes”, or save the brushes ONTO photoshop, so that they never go away from the brush set…in other words, make a default brush.

i’ll pick you as best answer if you answer correctly.

Photoshop brush question – please help!?

ok, so i had all kinds of photoshop brushes but my computer crashed and im trying to find this one specific one, i’ve encluded a link to a picture i did, and the brush was called “Glamour Ladies” i believe, if anyone can help i’d really appreciate it..and if you know of any other great brushes similar to this send links to that too..would be greatly appreciated!




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