What is the difference between CS3 and CS4?

Question by Fabian: What is the difference between CS3 and CS4?
i use cs3 on school but i would like to use it at home and they wont let me use the school’s copy. so i would like to buy one (or get it otherwise). apart from price, just what are the differences in any of the products? (i use flash the most though). and is it difficult to learn cs4 if you are used to cs3?


Answer by gaiacarra
I seriously doubt it would be difficult. They’re the same programs, just upgraded a bit. It’s not even difficult to go from Photoshop 5.0 to Photoshop CS2 or CS3, so from CS3 to CS4 I doubt you’ll even notice a difference.

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  1. The biggest things for me are:
    1. There is content-aware resize.
    2. It’s hardware accelerated (uses the graphics card) which makes it faster.

  2. I’ve read the blah blah and I can’t see anything terribly essential (or even useful) for the great amount of money they want for the upgrade… Eventually down the line you will have to pay when they force you to upgrade to stay compatible (a nasty habit they picked up from microsoft), but for now I would stick with CS3 if you have a choice.

    Good luck.

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