Scanning Images to turn into Photoshop Brushes?

Question by Jammin’: Scanning Images to turn into Photoshop Brushes?

I scanned images that I drew in pencil with a Lexmark scanner, saved them as JPEG with the built in scanner program it comes with. I was going to use them in Photoshop to turn them into brushes. Every time I do that, however, the “DEFINE BRUSH PRESET” is “unclickable”. It is washed out so I cannot click on it.

If you scan hand drawn images, to make them into brushes can you tell me what I am doing wrong, or what your procedure is that works?

I’m using CS4, but I do have CS5 Master Collection Installed.

MOZ – I tried it and it still isn’t working? Any other ideas?


Answer by MOZ
You have to make them into PSDs.
Open your .jpgs, and then duplicate the image (Image>Duplicate). Now you can make a brush preset from your duplicated image, which is not a .jpg.


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  1. You won’t be able to make a brush bigger than 2500 px.
    Since it’s a scanned image, check it’s dimensions (Image > Image Size), I assume it’s bigger than 2500 pixels in either height, width or both. If it is, just reduce it down to that number, and you should be able to click Define Brush Preset 😉

    Good Luck!

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