Q&A: Question about photoshop brushes and copyright issues.?

Question by Kama: Question about photoshop brushes and copyright issues.?
Say I download some brushes for photoshop. Then I use them to create posters and graphics for contests and such. Is that legal? I know nothing about anything having to do copyright stuff. Am I required to give credit to every person I downloaded every brush I used?

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Answer by Misfit
As long as you recieved permission from the people who created the brushes it’s fine. Go to Deviantart.com and check out those brushes if you need more.

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  1. The person who creates the brush can impose whatever terms he likes, but usually the terms are very loose: you do not have to credit the brush designer, nor do you have to worry about copyright issues. Copyrights generally do not extend to the *tools* used to create an original work.

    If you saw a EULA (end user license agreement) when you downloaded or installed the brush, all the restrictions and terms should be listed there. If there was no EULA, and there are no restrictions listed on the site from which you downloaded the brush, then you should feel safe using the brush freely.

  2. is there any copyright material about doing that on that web site that frees you to download in the first place

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