Q&A: Photoshop Elements brush?

Question by Alina: Photoshop Elements brush?
I was wondering how you get that brush that makes it so when you write something it duplicates it and draws it in revers on the other side. Please help, thanks.


Answer by Key
Brushes in photoshop are just stamps. You could get a butterfly stamp, a flower stamp, whatever really but that stamp will always be the same as when you made it. So if you wanted to have text as a brush, you could do that but you can’t change words.

But, you can use the text tool and type what you want, then go to the layers tab to your right and right click on the finished text layer and select “duplicate layer”. Then with the new text layer highlighted go to the menu bar at the top and go to the “edit” tab and go to “transform” and then click “flip horizontal” Then just use the move tool (hit “V” on your keyboard to activate the tool [or it’s on your tool bar, that icon that looks like the mouse cursor with a cross thing next to it]) and then move the newly backwards text where ever you want

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