Q&A: Help! in photoshop brushes!?

Question by trouble in ym: Help! in photoshop brushes!?
ok so in my photoshopp cs2 my brushes becae different. When I preview them before they somehow look like an “S” well the ends of a scripted S that it(something like smoke) and now it became an boring not scripted”S”. I want to make the light effects and i can’t do it right becuase of its shape.pleas help me!

*http://www.secondpicture.com/tutorials/digital_image_processing/light_and_glow_effect_in_photoshop.html( that is the brush way I want)
*I want the STROKE of my brush to be something smoke-ish..not round-ish


Answer by Daniel Düsentrieb
on this page you get
the solution for your problem!


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