Pixelated and jagged brushes and shapes tool in Photoshop?

For some reason, the brush and shape tools in my CS 2 don’t seem as smooth as they once were. They edges are very rough and pixelated. This just happened suddenly, and I’m not sure what I might have to done to cause it.

I’ve even tried reinstalling Photoshop, but it’s still the same. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sounds as though edge smoothing has been turned off. This is set in Preferences, and the reason your reinstall didn’t work is that (I bet) you only deleted Photoshop instead of actually uninstalling it through the Add/Remove programs menu.

    What this would do is to leave your Preferences file from the previous installation still on your system, so that when you reinstalled Photoshop, it automatically picked up on the existing (ie old) preferences file–which still had the problem–so nothing changed.

    I’d uninstall the version you have onsystem now through the Add/Remove Programs menu in your Control Panel, and then defrag your hard drive. This will make sure that ALL traces of the old installation are removed. Reboot the system and then reinstall. Bit of a pain, I know, but it’s the only way to get this back. You COULD try going through the Preferences menu again, but there’s a good chance that whatever enabled your edge smoothing on the original installation has been deleted, so it’s safer to start from scratch.

    Good Luck


  2. Another possible reason is, that you have switched to Pencil Tool, instead of Brush. When you activate the tool by pressing ‘B’ – check what tool is it? Brush or Pencil? If Pencil – hold your mouse button pressed and then select the Brush Tool from the drop-down selection.

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