Photoshop Elements – Does it stand alone? Genereal Photoeding ?’s?

A question I have is can I use Photoshop elements 7 as a stand alone program or do I have to actually have Photoshop CS or something like that. Is Elements an add on type of thing or can I use it by it’s self? Another thing-I I hear gimp is a good program but I was wondering does the free version have a brushes option( I know I’d have to dowload them if so.)

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  1. Elements is a stand-alone software. Elements has a lot of the standard functions of Photoshop CS (or any full blown Photoshop version), but is lacks in a lot of the bells and whistles like filters, automation, and some of the available tools. You do not need the full blown version of Photoshop to use Elements. You will notice that if you are looking to purchase either of these programs, Elements is significantly cheaper than its counterpart. Think of Elements like a Photoshop Lite.

    As for gimp, i know nothing about it. But i would highly recommend Photoshop, as I have been using it for about 9 years and love it, it is a very powerful program!!

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