photoshop elements brush uses?

Question by ofiddledeedee: photoshop elements brush uses?
Call me stupid, but I’m new to Photoshop and all it’s uses. I am using my Photoshop Elements 4 mainly for digital scrapbooking, and am not sure how the brushes that are shaped like things, are used. I saw a freeware download for different shapes, animals, leaves, etc. Are they used as stamps? Are they actual brushes that make designs on the “paper”? I guess I’m just looking for any explanation!


Answer by dhvrm
A “brush” in Photoshop is a way to change the cursor, so that when you are editing an image — drawing a line, adding a mask, changing the color, erasing part of the image, etc. — you can custom-control how big the cursor is, its shape, how intense it is, whether the edges are “feathered,” etc.

Brushes such as you describe are most often used like a stamp.

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  1. You use the mouse and move it and the shapes go with it. Just try it out to see what happens. I got this program about 6 months ago and I have just been playing with it. It is quite amazing what it will do. Also Photoshop has classes on line and you might want to check if something might work for you. I’m doing it for photographs. I really am impressed with the program.

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