Photoshop 7 on PC, how to cover holes in photo?

There are lots of staple holes in a photo. What I want to do is get the Paint brush to use the background color (a mix of color and dust) and then go over (paste) over the holes. (I tried the Marquee tool, but it is time consuming to do and leaves a square outline.) Any help is appreciated.
Sorry for delay. My orig file was 300,000, now I am at 1,600,000 and I can’t open it. I ordered more RAM.

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  1. Use the stamp tool. Select your brush size (smaller takes more time but is more accurate), sample the closest color and texture, and then sample it over the hole. Make as many selections as you need to get it right. Using this method, you can remove a telephone pole from the foreground of a photo if you have the patience to do so.

  2. Try using the patch tool or the healing brush (looks like a band-aid)
    with patch, you select the area that needs to be covered, and then drag the outline over to a place that looks similar with no holes, and your done.

    The healing brush is def. my favorite though. Just alt-click on the area that looks better, and click on the holes. Make sure that your brush is only slightly bigger than the holes for best results. If it leaves weird streaks, then change it from “Normal” mode to “replace” and then when you’re done covering the holes, then get a tinier brush and switch it back to normal and fix the seams.
    Good luck!

  3. Any one of the suggested methods might be best for what you want to do.
    Keep in mind though that what takes a few seconds on CSI or a movie does not apply in real life.
    It’s me taken up to 3 hours to repair damaged photos of my grandparents.

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