photoshop 7.0 question!!! On brushes…?

i have about 300 brushes i need to download to my photoshop 7.0 version && there is no way to select them all. I cant do them one by one because its very annoying. So, if anyone knows anything about how you select them all at once, please tell me!!! I have tried dragging & dropping to no avail…

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  1. I’m slightly confused. You have already downloaded them from a site and want to import them into photoshop? In that case, you would go to the brush palette at the top of the screen, then select the tiny arrow then on the drop down menu hit load brushes. Find the folder with all the brushes, then click the very first one and hold shift, then click the very last one. That should select all of them, then hit OK.

    If you want to download 300 brushes off a website then yes you will have to download the packs individually, although what would you do with 300 separate brush packs?

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