0 thoughts on “In Photoshop Elements 7, is there anyway to make my brushes less pixeled?

  1. I think what you’re seeing has to do with the level of magnification you’re using. The only time my freehand lines look pixelated is when I zoom in close to them and when I zoom far out. If you print your work, are the lines still pixelated?

    First, reset the brush tool. Click on the Paintbrush. Select a standard brush tip from the default brushes in the brush selector dropdown. (In other words, just be using a normal round brush, not a specialty brush.) Up in the far left corner of the brush Options Bar above the workspace, there’s a little arrow, click on it and click on Reset This Tool. This sets the brush back to default settings.

    Open a New File. Make it around 6X4, resolution = 300, background white. Use the paintbrush tool to draw a few lines. Make some of the them thick and some of them thin. Now, use the Magnifying Glass set on + to zoom way in then change to – and zoom way out. Print your experiment.

    If there’s still some pixelation, contact Adobe. They have good support.

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