How to Rotate Brush and/or Layer in Photoshop CS2?

Ok, so I made a brush some time ago and I’m using it right now, but I’d like to rotate it (it’s an 8-pointed star-like thing, sort of like a compass rose, but I want to turn it about 20 degrees clockwise). Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Also, how do I rotate a single layer?

Please keep in mind that I’m relatively new to Photoshop… simple, clear instructions would really help me out. Thanks! =)

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  1. You should rotate the image and draw on it

    1Step OneStart Photoshop and open the image to be rotated.
    2Step TwoClick Rotate from the Image menu and choose the degrees of rotation.
    3Step ThreeTo enter a specific number, select Free and type in the number. Click OK.
    4Step FourSave the file under a different name, such as imagerotate.jpg.

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