how to add brush to photoshop cs?

i downloaded a brush from a website. Then i opened it with winzip. Then i dont know what else to do. Some says i have to find the brush folder first. But i dont know where the folder is located. Can someone help me?

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  1. Download the brush again, or download a different brush, but this time make sure you see where you saved it.

    Next, in photoshop, click on your brush tool. Now click on the arrow that is next to the icon that shows what brush size you are using and a menu will appear.

    Go to “load brushes”, then find the folder where you saved the brushes you downloaded, then click on them. You should now have the new brushes ready for use.

  2. You can add the brush manually to Brushes directory.and if u follow the default directory during installation it will normally installed in below directory :
    “C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop 6.0PresetsBrushes”
    what most important is the presetbrushes directory. we can put the brush to any adobe Brushes directory.

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