how do i make smooth lines in photoshop cs?

ok,when i try to draw in photoshop the lines i draw(with the normal default brushes) always come out uneven and ugly.i see other people who make pictures in photoshop and their lines are curved but they are smooth and not jagged like mine.i have a tablet but it still comes out the same for there a tool that i can make likes like that?please tell me!

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  1. Use the pen tool and the bezier curves. ( you know, the points with the handles you can grab and move around. ) Takes some practice, but that’s the best way. Then convert the path you draw to whatever line thickness you want.

  2. Try Pressing SHIFT and then draw.
    Use the pen tool to draw.
    If you want to draw straight lines with a pencil then do this-
    Press SHIFT and draw. But remember* you cannont curve the lines as the are straight.

    Try it!!!

  3. The pen tool.

    There’s usually tutorials for pen tool in deviantart. You should check them out.

    (And once you make the lines, you right click and choose stroke path.)

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