Help with Photoshop paint brush please?

Question by yati: Help with Photoshop paint brush please?
I made a word look 3D in Illustrator, and then brought it to Photoshop to do what I wanted to do.
I launched that 3D word in Photoshop and I am trying to paint on it. But, when I select any color to paint, * all it paints is shades of gray *. What shall I do?
Someone else answered it. It was in Gray Scale mode =) Thank you though Cash.

*If anyone else is having the same trouble —
go to Image >Mode > then select RGB.*

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Answer by Cash
sometimes that happens. try restarting photoshop and make sure u dont have alot of windows open.
If that doesnt work , try to flatten the image at edit and then try to paint over it.
Or save it as a different image file and open that.

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  1. Follow these directions ok
    In photoshop bring up your 3D word in photo shop
    Then bring up any color photo that you have and it does not matter what photo it is.
    Then cut out the 3D word image using the marquee tool and use the move tool to place it on the color photo and try and paint it then you will find that it works and when you are finished. Flatten image and cut out the 3D image.
    If the color image you first bring up to use for this, you wanted to save, then just duplicate it first before you follow my steps above and send the original back. then go ahead and follow my directions

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