can’t use paintbrush in illustrator CS !?

i don’t know why i’m having this problem ! when i try to use the paintbrush i got the not allowed sign ! and can’t use it anywhere in my page !
and there’s only one Brush without the other tools ! i can’t change it like the oether things i can change as the Pencil or the shapes !
plzz i’ts killing me .. i hate to draw using the pencil .. what should i do to be able to use the brush πŸ™
thx a lot ..
my version is 11 (CS for mac)

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  1. Is it u lock yours layer?
    Try go to window — > layer, then see whether yours layer being locked or not

  2. It could be locked layers… or maybe you’re trying to paint on another kind of layer, like a shape or text layer….?


  3. i had that problem on illustrator cs4 (circle with a slash through it when i chose paint tool) and found that the brushes were not loaded. go to the right hand brushes icon on your toolbar and pop it out. then click the down arrow and scroll down to load calligraphic brushes. then you can browse for a brush style, all of a sudden you are able to find all your colors and paint on your image.
    hope this is helpful

  4. Thanks Sarah,

    this helped me too. Had to load the brushes.. Thought by default it does this but was working from a template so by default this was not set and driving me crazy..

    Till I found the solution here….

  5. Go to the menu and select Window –> Brushes to open the little “Brushes” window. If it’s empty, you haven’t chosen a calligraphic style for your brush. Click on the arrow in the corner of the “Brushes” box, and select “Open brush library.” Pick a style, which will show up as a tab in the box, and your brush will work.

  6. Thankyou so much! I had this problem too and couldn’t find a solution ANYwhere! Is there a way to integrate the brush styles into the sidebar? Or do you just have to keep it out over the top of your work?

  7. thank you very much, this problem was eating my head up!!!! i tried everything else except loading brushes lolz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks once again!!!

  8. Thanks from another Google directed stranger, also named Ben.
    What an annoying little bug.
    Is it because we are opening up images into Illustrator, as opposed to placing within an already setup document?

  9. i am working in textile company some time i need to work on water effect flower print and paint brush effect. that time i download water effect brush to google. when i use these brush to effect water color. not looks better according me. pls help me how to give exact effect in drawing of flower.

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