Can you use the free download Photoshop Brushes in…?

Question by Anti – Hero: Can you use the free download Photoshop Brushes in…?
or other websites that has free download of brushes…
and not breach copyright when you use it for public display or when you gain money out of using it?


Answer by amybeader
Yes and no. Each person who provides free brushes will have information on how you may use them. Some people will request that you pay a small amount if you are going to use them for commercial purposes (in your art that you intend to make money from). Some will let you freely use the brushes however you want. Many will ask that if you use their brushes for a design you post to the Web (for example in something you put up on Deviantart or Myspace) that you give them credit/put a linkback to their site and info. I certainly think that is only fair, since you are using something that another person put time and effort into and then provided for free.

But anyway, most people will have info on their site about the permitted use and many will include a text file with the brush download that provides that info.

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