Can photoshop brushes be used in paint shop pro?

Question by lillith: Can photoshop brushes be used in paint shop pro?
I have version 12. If so, is there a website with a tutorial on how to use them?


Answer by Mujer Alta
There are some wonderful Photoshop brushes out there and, unfortunately, they can’t be used directly in Paintshop … but they can be converted and then used. Also, some brush designers offer “image files” along with their abr (photoshop brush) files. You can open the images in Paintshop and, if they’re not already PNG or GIF files with transparent backgrounds, use the Magic Wand Tool to select and delete their white backgrounds. Then use File>Export>Custom Brush. Give your new brush a name and click OK.

Here are the instructions to convert brushes along with the link for the abrViewer. It’s not difficult.

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