another question about photoshop brushes.?

Question by tralala: another question about photoshop brushes.?
ok so i just got photoshop 8…i think. its a newer version i believe.
ive read all other questions about saving it to a certain file..but im not sure how to do that. ive tried downloading brushes from different places..but i keep getting the same problem.
say i go to deviantart to download a set…i get the box saying what would oyu like firefox to do with this? so ive been going with open with photoshop.brushes or whatever…
but then i realized i needed to save it somewhere…according to other ansers..the only other option i have is to save it to a disk.
i feel like i shouldbe getting this. but im not. if someone could just talk me through all the steps thatd be great.
thank you so much 🙂


Answer by alleycat
see this:

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