Adobe Photoshop Brush tool question?

Question by *Lil girl due in December!*: Adobe Photoshop Brush tool question?
My caps lock isnt on. My brush tool isnt working. Its just a thin line & the bold red is like a pale red & is barly showing up. Do I have something set wrong? Im really lost – thank you!
what am i supposed to change it to? its at 100%
No matter what size, color or opacity i change it … IT dosnt change.

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Answer by Designer~Wife
You need to change the brush size and opacity settings to get bigger/smaller line & brighter/paler colors – When you have the brush selected, the options available should be near the top of the window under the menus.

*Edit – Check the “Mode” type in the same area as the brush size etc. – Does it say normal or something else? Mode settings like “Overlay” will do that to you.

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