Do Photoshop brushes work with Gimp?

Question by domakeraa.: Do Photoshop brushes work with Gimp?
I am doing a photo-manipulation thing for my class and all I have at home is Gimp, but all the nice brushes are for photoshop. Anyway I could configure it?

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Answer by pawdres2k3
Yes, if you convert them. Watch this video:

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How do you work Flesh Mesh in Photoshop cs4?

Question by devlin1234567891011: How do you work Flesh Mesh in Photoshop cs4?
I followed the instructions on the one page but it doesn’t work at all. It just makes my girlfriends picture all colorful. I need help. Can someone give me instructions or a site that can give me better instructions for the photoshop cs4?

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Answer by P&G
While you can enhance certain pixels in an image and downplay others, you can’t use a filter technique to make pixels appear where none previously existed. The idea that Photoshop can be used to peer through someones clothing is an urban legend. You’ve been punked.

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How do I get pen pressure to work in Photoshop?

I just recently got Photoshop CS3 and a Wacom Bamboo tablet. …aaaand I can’t figure out how to get the size of the brush stroke to vary in Photoshop.

I’ve gotten it to work in PSP, so I know it works, I just can’t figure out how.

Also, my tablet used to be mapped out to my computer screen, however, I must’ve hit a wrong control, because it isn’t anymore. How do I get it back to like it was before?

Thanks. <3

Why won’t my photoshop brushes work?

Okay, I used to use photoshop all the time, and I stopped for a few years. I decided to get the cs3 recently and I downloaded a few brushes for it, unzipped the files and got them loaded no problem. But now that I’m rusty, I can’t figure out what’s wrong with them.
I’m just playing around right now, and colored my background black, and created a new layer. Now when I try to use my brush sets it says I have to “define” the area by clicking and pressing alt on the area. So I did this and tried to use my brush again and the color I chose won’t show, it’s just slightly off from the black as a greyish color.
Can anyone teach me how I can make the color I chose show!!!
Thanks in advance!!
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Help! My photoshop brushes won’t work?!?

I downloaded brushes, and they won’t work. Neither will the automatic photoshop brushes. This is in CS3 Extended..Why won’t it work? It just has everything gray and everything has a lock sign next to it, and I can’t click them.

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Photoshop brushes do not work?

I installed a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS3 for windows on several computers in my house, however on my mom’s computer none of the brushes (paint brush, pencil, eraser, clone stamp, dodge, burn, etc.) do anything, they just don’t work. However one time when I went to use it, it they all did work, but then later that day they stopped working again and have not worked since. Any ideas?


why does my photoshop CS4 not work?

ok so. for some reason every now and then. usually when i leave the window up and go work on something else. it makes it so the only tool i can use is the grab tool. i can still click pen, and brush. but when i go to do anything its just a grab icon?!?! anyone know whats going on.
no. i have to reboot photoshop once or twice for it to start working properly

Pen pressure wont work on photoshop CS3?

i just got a Fujitsu lifebook T2010 tablet PC but when i go on photoshop CS3 and select pen pressure it wont work, also when i turn the pen over/upside down the eraser doesnt work, it still draws with the brush.
however, when im drawing on msn, the pen pressure does work and when i turn the pen around, the eraser works too, so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with the pen or laptop.
please help! =)
its not a tablet but a tabelet pc. its like a laptop with a pen, and the screens a touchscreen with bluetooth so you can draw straight onto the computer without an extra tablet

Tools on my photoshop cs3 does’nt work?

i tried to use the brush or the spot healing brush and it didnt work. it just wont do anything. i click and lcick and click and it doesnt work but the filters works. wwhen i use the spot healing brush on a picture i clicked on the spot i want to fix but it just didnt do anything. theres no affect of anything same with the paint brush. what is wrong? help me fix it please.