Where’s the basic Photoshop B&W brush?

Question by Thfightinggoat Goat: Where’s the basic Photoshop B&W brush?
I have CS5 and I just want to selectively make things black and white. I don’t want to deal with the lasso, I just want to use a brush and “paint” over the color making it black and white.

I’m very new to photoshop, but not digital photography. Please be very clear on each step and the location of the buttons. Thank you


Answer by John H
Wow! Photoshop has a B&W brush? Didn’t know that. But then I’ve only been using it for 15 years. Let me know when you find it.

Hey! Where’s my photoshop brushes?

So I got Photoshop CS3 and I went to load some of my Dry Media Brushes and my computer claims that the folder is empty. Same for all my other folders. WTF mate? Could these be hiding somewhere or otherwise invisible (I have windows VISTA and it doesn’t play nice with a lot of programs)? Or is there a site where I can download these brushes for free? Where’d they all go?