How do I change my brush in Adobe Photoshop in CS4 to a brush stroke type?

I don’t really know how to explain this but, I just need to know how to make brushes turn to brush strokes..

Here’s a pic of what I’m trying to say.

I want to get my brush to look like that ‘swoosh’ kind of effect on the left and right of that brush preset. But I have no idea how to.

How to set Brush Type to Feather in Adobe Photoshop CS3 ?

I’m following this online tutorial to make a fun birthday card for my girlfriend by putting her face into a famous sci-fi scene.

I’m a PS newbie. I’ve installed Photoshop CS3. In the instructions there a mention twice to set the brush type to feather to make a proper selection and use the Eraser. How is that done ?

How do i change the file type on a photoshop brush?

Ok, i got photoshop, Add i have downloaded lots of brushes and i ask somebody whyy they dont show up wen i load them. and they said i had to change the file type to something else from ZIP? i dont understand, how do ii change it and what do i change it too?
Pleasse heeelp mee!