Q&A: Is there a way to transfer Paint Shop Pro brushes to Photoshop?

Question by Brian: Is there a way to transfer Paint Shop Pro brushes to Photoshop?
I bought Paint Shop Pro X a couple of years ago, and ever since then added several brushes which I use a lot. Recently, though, I bought Photoshop and now use it instead of Paint Shop Pro. While I’ve downloaded some new brushes, I really want to use the ones that I had in PSP. Is there a way to copy all of the brushes to PS in one step, or would I have to physically stamp them onto a file and transfer it over?

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http://www.questionhub.com/YahooAnswers/20070703105216AABdRJe – I don’t think you can, according to this site. You’d have to stamp them and transfer it over.

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Is it possible to transfer my GIMP brushes to Photoshop, if so how?

I spent alot of time downloading A LOT of GIMP brushes and my mom deleted GIMP. But I still have access to the brushes folder. So Is there a way to transfer those brushes to Photoshop.. There brushes are like the same right.

How do you transfer your Photoshop CS3 Extended brushes to your Photoshop CS?

I downloaded Photoshop CS3 Extended from the net. It’s a free trial. I’ve downloaded some brushes and loaded it in my Photoshop CS3. Tomorrow is the last day of the trial and I need to know how to transfer those brushes to the Photoshop CS that I bought. I deleted those brushes from my computer since my computer memory is getting full.

Can anybody help me?

I have Photoshop CS3 but want to go to CS4, how do I transfer my Filters, brushes, patterns, etc.. possible?

Do I have to reinstall the filters? And can I just drag the other presets over to the CS4 directory?