Scanning Images to turn into Photoshop Brushes?

Question by Jammin’: Scanning Images to turn into Photoshop Brushes?

I scanned images that I drew in pencil with a Lexmark scanner, saved them as JPEG with the built in scanner program it comes with. I was going to use them in Photoshop to turn them into brushes. Every time I do that, however, the “DEFINE BRUSH PRESET” is “unclickable”. It is washed out so I cannot click on it.

If you scan hand drawn images, to make them into brushes can you tell me what I am doing wrong, or what your procedure is that works?

I’m using CS4, but I do have CS5 Master Collection Installed.

MOZ – I tried it and it still isn’t working? Any other ideas?


Answer by MOZ
You have to make them into PSDs.
Open your .jpgs, and then duplicate the image (Image>Duplicate). Now you can make a brush preset from your duplicated image, which is not a .jpg.