Adobe Photoshop CS3 quick mask mode help?

i download adobe photoshop CS3 free trial the other day, and ive been doing some tutorials. I figured out that when i press the Q button to enter quick mask mode, i can draw on the picture with the brush, and then when i press Q again to exit quick mask mode, the area that was drawn on is not selected, but everything else is. so i inverse the selection to select it. I tried doing the same exact thing a couple hours later, but it doesnt work. When i enter quick mask mode, i can draw on the picture, but when i exit quick mask mode, the whole picture is selected. The area that i drew on there does show up in paint when i enter quick mask mode again though. It doesnt seem to be healping me select what i want to select. please, if u know whats wrong, please help. thanks

I’m having problems with the quick mask mode in Photoshop Cs4?

When I select the quick mask mode and attempt to draw on the picture to select the hair it says that it won’t work with Alpha Channels. I’ve looked up tutorials on youtube and they say to press the B shortcut to select brush. It selects the color replacement brush on mine, and it says it won’t work. Can someone help me out with this?