abobe photoshop cs2 ver. 9.0 question?

For some reason I am unable to do things I could before in photoshop, like today I was working on a forum sig and I tried to add a certain brush and I got this error message….
“Could not use that brush too because the scratch disks are full”
what does that mean? and how can i fix it?

Photoshop CS3 brushes hardness question, HELP.?

I just started using Photoshop CS3, and It’s quite a bit different from my friend Paint Tool Sai. ANYWAYS.

I’ve downloaded brushes from the net and when I load them into Photoshop, it will not allow me to adjust the hardness of the brushes that I loaded.
Please tell me how I can adjust the hardness of my loaded brushes?

A photoshop cs2 brush question.?

Okay. I was wanting to make a brush of a picture of my dog. But I need to delete the background on the picture. I have tried to go to the edit file, but the crop button there is faded out *won’t let me press it* and I can’t use my crop tool on my tool bar because you can’t go around edges with that. I just need to know how to delete a background from my picture but keep my dog’s face. Thanks, much appreciated!
Oops my bad I mean crop under my image file is faded out.