!!!!!!!!!!i have photoshop cs3 and im kinda new so i have a question?!!!?

well evey time i try to pick a color it wont work for ex. like i have my brush then i try to change the color and it wont work it jus stays in the black to gray to white? can sumone tell me what wrong!!!
and the pic im workin on it black and white

Photoshop CS3 Extended question?

I’m having some sort of problem with my photo shop. I always use the curves feature to help me coloring hair and after I duplicate the picture and use the layer mask after applying the curves, instead of the layer becoming black on the parts I’ve passed the brush, it becomes gray. It’s frustrating because I noticed because of that, I have to pass the brush again on the same area I’ve passed before. How can I fix this?

photoshop 7.0 question!!! On brushes…?

i have about 300 brushes i need to download to my photoshop 7.0 version && there is no way to select them all. I cant do them one by one because its very annoying. So, if anyone knows anything about how you select them all at once, please tell me!!! I have tried dragging & dropping to no avail…

photoshop elements 3 brush question. how do you make brushes default brushes? good answer gets 10 points!?

i loaded a TON of brushes onto photoshop elements 3. and then they all went away after i accidentally clicked “default brushes on the brush type menu. i had to reload them…it sucked. haha. how to i get to “all brushes”, or save the brushes ONTO photoshop, so that they never go away from the brush set…in other words, make a default brush.

i’ll pick you as best answer if you answer correctly.

Photoshop brush question – please help!?

ok, so i had all kinds of photoshop brushes but my computer crashed and im trying to find this one specific one, i’ve encluded a link to a picture i did, and the brush was called “Glamour Ladies” i believe, if anyone can help i’d really appreciate it..and if you know of any other great brushes similar to this send links to that too..would be greatly appreciated!




Question about Photoshop CS2 brushes?

My son has downloaded so many Photoshop brushes that when he clicks on the brushes menu, half are off the screen and inaccessible to him.

Short of deleting brushes to make more space, is there a way to put them in sub-folders? And how would you do this?

Any and all suggestions appreciated.