another question about photoshop brushes.?

Question by tralala: another question about photoshop brushes.?
ok so i just got photoshop 8…i think. its a newer version i believe.
ive read all other questions about saving it to a certain file..but im not sure how to do that. ive tried downloading brushes from different places..but i keep getting the same problem.
say i go to deviantart to download a set…i get the box saying what would oyu like firefox to do with this? so ive been going with open with photoshop.brushes or whatever…
but then i realized i needed to save it somewhere…according to other ansers..the only other option i have is to save it to a disk.
i feel like i shouldbe getting this. but im not. if someone could just talk me through all the steps thatd be great.
thank you so much 🙂


Answer by alleycat
see this:

Photoshop 7.0 BRUSH question?

Question by Lovemyfamily: Photoshop 7.0 BRUSH question?
I am an artist and created lots of brushes in photoshop. I use them for leaves, lace patterns, all sorts of things. Well, I went to open up photoshop to get to work and they are ALL GONE!!! Can anyone tell me what could have happened and if there is any chance that I could find them somewhere on my pc? I will tell you my computer has not been updated and nothing has changed at all. I cannot figure out anything. One thing, I have had memory issues lately where only so many windows can be opened at one time, but thats it. The only other thing that was odd was when I opened photoshop, it asked me if I wanted to specificy any colors or customize my pallet or would I like to do it later. I have NEVER seen this before. I am always closing a little orangish colored window each timem I use it, but that is not what I am referring to. If anyone can help, I would be so appreciative!
Thought I should add that restarting my computer doesn’t make a difference. Nor does opening a specific illustration. These things are just GONE. The only brushes that are there are the ones that the program came with. I am so bummed…:(


Answer by Dai D Flu
Have you been saving your brushes in your actual drive, where you select folders?? If not, they might be lost forever. Here’s a link that explains it a little better. Sorry bout that 🙁 I know how hard it is to lose all that work. It happened to me more than once…sometimes we get too involved in the art process and forget to save. 🙁

photoshop brushes question??????? thanks?

Question by dcfceire: photoshop brushes question??????? thanks?
hello,when i click the brushes icon in photoshop cs5 how do i make all of them appear because only about 20 appear but ive installed alot more, thanks


Answer by nick
You have to load them into view. You can “append” as many brush sets as you like to the existing list.

With the brush tool selected, click to access the brush panel at the top, as if you’re going to choose a new brush or change the size. On the right side of the panel there is a right-facing arrow. click it and a new menu appears. choose “load” and then hunt down where the brushes you downloaded are on your computer and load each one. I’m not sure if you can select multiple sets at a time using control or shift but give it a shot.

photoshop 8 question, history brush?

Question by Lauren: photoshop 8 question, history brush?
Ive just bought adobe photoshop elements 8. the only other version of photoshop that ive used was a much older version. now i cant seem to find the history brush on photoshop 8’s toolbar. does it still exist, or was it replaced with another tool?
please help me


Answer by Margie
I’m sure this should help you.


my dad got windows 7 and the problem is. if i install it; i gotta delete everything. but on photoshop; i got these really cool brushes. i deleted the brushes after installing them on photoshop. i do not remember where i got them… is there a way that i can get the brushes back?(not in recyclable bin) maybe go to computer>adobe>adobe photoshop folders? IDK. HELP. T.T


Answer by crsimon36
You write, “if i install it” that means you have not yet. So copy the brushes off onto a usb or cd so they are safe. You don’t say which PS you have but you probably will find the brushes in the folder:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop n.n\Presets\Brushes\ Or also do a “find” looking for *.abr

It is possible to place all your third party brushes in a folder. You go to Edit > Preferences > Plugins and set another (additional) folder that Photoshop should go to.

Photoshop hair brush question?

Question by Kevin A: Photoshop hair brush question?
Basically I’m trying to draw strands of hair. What I need is for the brush to gradually narrow to a point. Is there a way to do this in Photoshop? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by A C
You can try this

– Select Brush Tool
– Go to Window > Brushes
– Tick Shape Dynamics and click on the writing of “Shape Dynamics” and change the drop down next to Control under Size Jitter to Fade or you can change it too something else if you want it more gradual.

If this does not solve you issue then I suggest you try using the brush and changing the size of the brush manually using the bracket keys to make it gradually becoming narrower.

Hope this helps

Hope this helps

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Adobe Photoshop Brush tool question?

Question by *Lil girl due in December!*: Adobe Photoshop Brush tool question?
My caps lock isnt on. My brush tool isnt working. Its just a thin line & the bold red is like a pale red & is barly showing up. Do I have something set wrong? Im really lost – thank you!
what am i supposed to change it to? its at 100%
No matter what size, color or opacity i change it … IT dosnt change.

Best answer:

Answer by Designer~Wife
You need to change the brush size and opacity settings to get bigger/smaller line & brighter/paler colors – When you have the brush selected, the options available should be near the top of the window under the menus.

*Edit – Check the “Mode” type in the same area as the brush size etc. – Does it say normal or something else? Mode settings like “Overlay” will do that to you.

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Photoshop cs3 question: Toggle contiguous pixels on the brush tool?

Question by Ninja: Photoshop cs3 question: Toggle contiguous pixels on the brush tool?
I saw a Photoshop seminar about a year ago and there was something about contiguous pixel setting on the BRUSH TOOL that could be turned on and off. I can’t find it in CS3. Any help will be greatly appreciated =)

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Answer by nick
I could be wrong since I don’t know about CS3 (I’m using cs4 and 5), but I don’t believe it will be found with typical brushes like the “brush tool” itself. It’s meant more for “one click and done” tools (with some exceptions of course but generally speaking).

Contiguous can be found as an option (across the top) for the magic wand tool, paint bucket, color replace, and some of the eraser tools. Tools that you might only want to select/modify a specific area/range of color, transparency, etc… of. And, whether or not you want to select “all” (discontiguous) of the transparent or colored regions with the same/similar attributres, or limit it to the specific “boundaries” (contiguous) of color/transparent area you click.

See image link below for better explanation of what contiguous does (if not for you, then for those who might be wondering). I used the paint bucket tool for this particular example, but it works similar in all of the other tools I mentioned above:

Note: each of the tennis balls were on separate layers or else the preview would have turned out much different when I did the “non-contiguous” option.

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Q&A: Question about photoshop brushes and copyright issues.?

Question by Kama: Question about photoshop brushes and copyright issues.?
Say I download some brushes for photoshop. Then I use them to create posters and graphics for contests and such. Is that legal? I know nothing about anything having to do copyright stuff. Am I required to give credit to every person I downloaded every brush I used?

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Answer by Misfit
As long as you recieved permission from the people who created the brushes it’s fine. Go to and check out those brushes if you need more.

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