Q&A: Problems with my intro rendering in Adobe After Effects CS4?

Question by Chicken Flay: Problems with my intro rendering in Adobe After Effects CS4?
My intro i created in AE CS4 has some problems. When I render it, all it renders is my text, but not my effects or background. It plays sound, but that doesnt help much. What should i do? Ive tried the 2 different ways of rendering, and they didnt work. Whats the problem?


Answer by Cazador
By render I assume you mean like the final, export render?

That does sound a bit strange, but check the following:

1.) Isolation for all layers should be OFF. If isolation would be on, it would be indicated by the circle dot to the left of the layer, next to the eye icon.
2.) FX selection should be ON. To turn the effect for that layer on, select the FX in the check mark boxes towards the middle of the layer properties.
3.) Just make sure the effects for effects within a layer are turned on, as indicated by the icon FX in the check mark box in the effect properties window.

Check those things for us to see if any of that might be the problem.
I have a feeling that it’s not…your problem sounds a lot more complicated since you state it so clearly, and seem to aware of how things work in AE.

Let us know!

good luck!

Will my Photoshop CS4 file load onto a computer with CS3 or will there be problems?

Question by amberoni84: Will my Photoshop CS4 file load onto a computer with CS3 or will there be problems?
If I’m using the trial version of CS4 and save my file, then try to load it onto a computer @ school with CS3 am I going to run into technical problems transferring the info??? Or will everything work out just fine?


Answer by albertyoungfan
I’d imagine it’d work just fine, it’ll be the same file type.

So it should work just fine.

Having problems finding my downloaded brushes for photoshop?

Question by Camra: Having problems finding my downloaded brushes for photoshop?
I cant find my brushes once i download them. I may not be doing it right tho. lol. where can i find them once i download them? I have photoshop element 7.0 and i also dont know how to get them on to photoshop. sorry im new at all this. x] i would really love your help. thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Mujer Alta
The easiest thing to do is to download another set of brushes but this time when the little window about opening or saving pops up, click on Save and then in the Save Window that opens, click on the little arrow on the right side of the top box (Save In) and put the file somewhere you can find it, like the Desktop. But before you change it to Desktop, make a note of what it says when it first opens. This is where the brush sets were originally saved.

Getting brushes into Elements is not hard but how it’s done depends on what version of Windows you have (XP, Vista or W7). First, unzip the downloaded folder by right clicking on it and clicking on Extract All. In the window that opens just click the Extract button at the bottom and the unzipped folder will appear in the same location as the zipped folder. So if the zipped folder is on the Desktop, the unzipped folder will be somewhere on the desktop, too. In general, you want to use Windows Explorer (Start>Accessories>Windows Explorer). In Vista, usually Documents opens. Windows Explorer is the listing of folders, etc. over on the left side. Scroll up to Desktop and click on it. The content of the Desktop now appears in the big area of the window. Find and open the unzipped brush folder, right-click on the blue and white abr file and click copy. Back over in Windows Explorer, scroll down to Computer and click the + to show its folders. Click the + next to C:. Scroll down to Program Files and click its +. Scroll down to Adobe and click its +. Click the + next to Photoshop Elements 7.0. Scroll down and click the + next to Presets then click on the Brushes folder to open it. The contents of the Brush Folder will display in the large area of the window. Right click in an empty white space (be sure that none of the other folders/files highlights), click on Paste and your brush’s abr file should appear. You can close the window. Your brush set will appear in the dropdown list of the Brush Selector the next time you launch Elements and click the Paintbrush Tool.

All this clicking +’s and scrolling down is only a confusing pain the first couple of times you do it. By the third or fourth time it makes sense and seems easy.

Sometimes you select a specialty brush but you’d like to turn it a little. With Elements open, click the Paintbrush Tool. Up in the Options Bar above the workspace, over on the right side there’s an airbrush icon, a little arrow and a nice picture of a brush. Click on the picture of the brush and the Brush controls will appear. At the bottom is a circle with a couple of lines across it. One line will have a tiny dot on it where it meets the circle. You can click and hold on this dot and drag it into the circle and out again. This makes the brush narrower or wider. Click and hold on the arrowhead and drag it around the circle to change the orientation of the brush. Above the circle is the softness/hardness slider which can also be useful. Open a blank, white file, select the Paintbrush and play with some of these controls. Before you leave the Paintbrush tool remember to reset the brush back to its normal settings…. over on the left side of the Options Bar is another little arrow. Click on it and click Reset This Brush.

I have to warn you though, brushes (and plugins and shapes and textures, etc.) are very, VERY addicting;-)

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Photoshop CS4 problems?

When I try to draw something with the brushes, nothing shows up.
Maybe I am drawing with it, but it’s as if it is invisible? Or maybe somethings blocking it. Is there anything I need to fix in the options? Please tell me. T_T
It’s not ._.
I think I fixed the problem. All I did was unplug my tablet then boom it works! So It was my tablet causing the problem. Problem solved. xD

HELP! Problems with Photoshop CS3(this has happened before)?

This has only happened twice, and it’s almost as if the cursed program has a mind of its own. It will only do these things on CERTAIN pictures that I’m coloring. I’d switch to other drawings that I’ve already finished and doodle on them to see if the same thing would happen to those individual drawings. The program acted normal then. I’d switch back and it wouldn’t work on the others.

The problems are that, the eraser doesn’t work at all. The only color I can use with the brush tool is PINK.(wtf) It’s the same with the pencil, and pen tool as well.
The gradient tool won’t work, the eyedropper tool wont work.

Nothing works.
And yet it will work on other pictures for no apparent reason. >:(
It might be just a bug, but whatever. I’ve restarted the computer multiple times and Photoshop continues to act this way.

who can help me with some problems i am having, trying to download brushes from the web onto photoshop. v:7.0?

i have version 7.0 and i copy the brush files in Adobe’s brush folder… When i go into Photoshop, and try to load the brush it says: could not load the brushes because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop.

Photoshop CS2 problems???

I was wondering why Photoshop CS2 freezes? I use Vista on my laptop, and XP on my desktop, and it freezes on both, so i’m sure it’s not the OS. When painting with a soft or hard round brush, part of the basic brushes, it’s completely fine, also, when smudging with those brushes it’s fine, but when i want to add some texture and use a natural brush or something, when i change the scatter settings, and such, then use it either as a brush or smudging with it, it completely freezes and locks up photoshop. my temporary solution was just to constantly save, then when it’s unresponsive, close it, and re-open it, and continue working….as any one may imagine, it slows the painting process WAY down, and is a huge pain!

so if any one’s got any suggestions, or solutions. please help.

Problems with my cursor in photoshop elements 7?

When I select a brush size, it doesn’t show how big it is on the paper with the cursor. It shows up above where you indicate your brush size. For example I turned it all the way up to the biggest size and no matter what the size the cursor won’t show it. Then after you click down and do your work you can see the result of that size but that is too late. I can’t get an accurate job done. Please help!!!

How I’m trying to use a brush from Adobe Photoshop pixelation problems?

How I’m trying to use a brush from Adobe Photoshop on a 300 resolution template whenever I use the brush at 800 it looks pixelated how can I stop from doing that?

Thank you in advance

Hey im having big problems with Photoshop CS2!!?

Yeah well i try to save a brush into a brush folder and it won’t work. It notifies me that it can’t work and i clicked “ok”. Well now the WHOLE brush folder dissapeared!! When I tried opening the file again..(I mean like the link is still there) but when i click it it says “File not found”. It keeps deleting it’s self every time i try to save a new brush!! HELP!!