Photoshop cs3 question: Toggle contiguous pixels on the brush tool?

Question by Ninja: Photoshop cs3 question: Toggle contiguous pixels on the brush tool?
I saw a Photoshop seminar about a year ago and there was something about contiguous pixel setting on the BRUSH TOOL that could be turned on and off. I can’t find it in CS3. Any help will be greatly appreciated =)

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Answer by nick
I could be wrong since I don’t know about CS3 (I’m using cs4 and 5), but I don’t believe it will be found with typical brushes like the “brush tool” itself. It’s meant more for “one click and done” tools (with some exceptions of course but generally speaking).

Contiguous can be found as an option (across the top) for the magic wand tool, paint bucket, color replace, and some of the eraser tools. Tools that you might only want to select/modify a specific area/range of color, transparency, etc… of. And, whether or not you want to select “all” (discontiguous) of the transparent or colored regions with the same/similar attributres, or limit it to the specific “boundaries” (contiguous) of color/transparent area you click.

See image link below for better explanation of what contiguous does (if not for you, then for those who might be wondering). I used the paint bucket tool for this particular example, but it works similar in all of the other tools I mentioned above:

Note: each of the tennis balls were on separate layers or else the preview would have turned out much different when I did the “non-contiguous” option.

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