Q&A: Why are my Photoshop brushes pixelated?

Question by GuitarChick: Why are my Photoshop brushes pixelated?
Every single brush I use is super fuzzy/pixelated. I’ve adjusted just about everything I know how to do. Every brush is just a bunch of dots instead of the whole image. Any suggestions?
I have CS2 btw.


Answer by Ring Rong
Have you checked the brush size? That’s the only thing I could think of that’d distort the brushes.

Pixelated and jagged brushes and shapes tool in Photoshop?

For some reason, the brush and shape tools in my CS 2 don’t seem as smooth as they once were. They edges are very rough and pixelated. This just happened suddenly, and I’m not sure what I might have to done to cause it.

I’ve even tried reinstalling Photoshop, but it’s still the same. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!