Photoshop Cs3/ How do you Convert an image into a Brush?

I dont know what i did but i was messing around and i turned one of my images into a brush so now i can select it and resize it and all that stuff as a brush, it seems preety kool but i couldnt find any videos on youtube explaining how 2 do it..

So does anyone on here know what 2 do to turn the image into a brush?
If so can you give me some step-by-step procedures Thanks.

Problem with photoshop cs3. I can’t get brush to work in layer mask when I’m painting white over it.?

when using different actions (ie scott roberts’ smooth skin action) when I am supposed to paint with white over an area as a layer mask my brush isn’t working. it just doesn’t do anything. i’m sure it’s something easy, but I can’t figure it out for the life of me.
I have the mask layer selected. When I click on it a white box opens which says 50%. The mask layer itself is black and I am painting (or attempting to paint) white.
I have a soft edge brush selected. opacity 100%, flow 100%.

I have been looking for old english font brushes for photoshop cs3. Anyone know where i can find some?

I tried to make my own, but the sizing on some of the letters that have “tails” gets messed up. Can someone help?