Q&A: How do I organize my brushes in Photoshop CS5?

Question by allie: How do I organize my brushes in Photoshop CS5?
I download A LOT of brushes and I was wondering if I could put certain brushes into folders or something to keep them all organized in photoshop?
Also, I have a mac, if that changes anything.


Answer by hoe slappa
1. open my computer
2. click on your c drive (or whatever your main drive is)
3. select users and click on your user profile
4. find the program folder that says photoshop
5. open folder and find “brushes”
6. open folder and move brushes where you want them

it’s usually preset to be in alphabetical/numerical order so try right clicking the folder to see if you can change the option…u can also use these steps to add new brushes like eye lashes contact lenses weave jewels sparkles etc….i use deviantart.com to see examples of what i mean u can check out my videos on youtube where i show how to use the lash and contact brush my youtube user name is daamn005

Adobe Photoshop CS3: How do i organize brushes that I downloaded into groups?

Question by Terence W: Adobe Photoshop CS3: How do i organize brushes that I downloaded into groups?
Is there any way i can group all my brushes into special categories? FOR EXAMPLE: I downloaded 20 splatter brush sets from different sites. Can I add all 68 splatter brushes to one group instead of having 20 different groups w/68 separate brushes?

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Answer by I8AShroom
There are several ways of doing this. You can open the Preset Manager. Click load and load the brushes you want. Select the brushes for your new set and click the Save Set button.

how do you organize photoshop brushes?

Question by TH= Love: how do you organize photoshop brushes?
not using the preset manager. I mean you organize it in the application so that what you get are dropdown menus in PHOTOSHOP ITSELF.

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Answer by P&G
♦ Select the brush tool
♦ Click the brush pull-down on the Options Panel at the top of the canvas
♦ Click the sideways triangle on the upper right of the resulting menu
♦ Choose Preset Manager (Although the command name would indicate otherwise, this will rearrange the regular list)
♦ In the Preset Manager dialog, drag the brushes to the positions you want them.

Now your brushes will be listed in your preferred order.

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