Anyone know where I can find high resolution brushes for photoshop 7? Mainly looking for swirls and flowers?

Question by Cori: Anyone know where I can find high resolution brushes for photoshop 7? Mainly looking for swirls and flowers?
I’m trying to make invitations and I would like to “stamp” scroll work onto them like this:

Anyone know where I can find free PS brushes that are compatible with PS7?


Answer by Thestril
google “photoshop 7 brush set”

You can make your own brush out of any image. Make it at least 800×800 dpi, or copy/paste or save and open an image you like.

Leave it as it is, or convert it to black and white and adjust the contrast until it looks right.

Go to file>define brush preset

Open up your brushes. The new preset will be the last one. The black/dark areas will be the color you choose, with varying degrees of transparency depending on the shade of darkness. The white area will be clear.

I’m looking for a specific Photoshop brush?

Question by rotten.sushi: I’m looking for a specific Photoshop brush?
The big swirly ones in this picture. I think it looks a lot a design on a bandana, anyone know where i can get them?


Answer by good_and_crazy

Q&A: Photoshop Brush not looking correct?

Question by CoffeeOwl: Photoshop Brush not looking correct?
Hi, I know this might be an annoying topic, my brush isn’t looking what it’s suppose, for example the downloaded brushes, the brushes already included, tried resetting the setting; no good. Every Brush I use it acts as though I have the “noise” effect on and scatter around the edges, and for example when using the “sparkle” looking brushes it just looks like a pixelated splatter. 🙁 you can clearly see the pixels and I have played around with the opacity and so on, and also blending luck. 🙁
Update:I was stupid and I had it on “dissolve” option at the top, I’m sorry for being so stupid


Answer by Grim
Have you looked at the brush options?
Go to Window > Brushes
Look through the settings and have a look. I wish I could help, but I need a bit more info ;[

Looking for some “superheroes/fairies” Adobe Photoshop 7.0 brushes?

Does anyone know some good website that will allow you to download some brushes for Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for free? I already have some websites, but I am looking for some superheroic brushes, or some fairy brushes. If anyone knows any good, virus-free, websites, that would be a good help.

I have been looking for old english font brushes for photoshop cs3. Anyone know where i can find some?

I tried to make my own, but the sizing on some of the letters that have “tails” gets messed up. Can someone help?

I am looking to depict momentum / someone running / speed in Photoshop CS3?

I can’t alter the face or body of the person, so I have to show a person running very fast in Adobe Photoshop CS3. I’m sure there is a brush that could make this look right but not finding the perfect one. Any suggestions are much appreciated.