installing photoshop brushes?

Question by Mitchel: installing photoshop brushes?
i downloaded some free brushes off the internet for photoshop, but i dont know how to use them. where in photoshop do i go to use them / install or whatever. i have photoshop elements from a few years back


Answer by Mike
Go to My Computer > your hard drive > Programs > Adobe Photoshop > Presets > Brushes

Q&A: Installing Photoshop CS4 does not function?

Question by Mich Gefragt: Installing Photoshop CS4 does not function?
I am currently trying to install Photoshop CS4 for the first time onto my Windows 7 laptop. My laptop has all the requirements to install Photoshop. Although when I click on the setup application to install Photoshop, it does not load the installation screen. I tried looking into the Processes in Task Manager, and I did see setup.exe for Photoshop appear, but the CPU stayed at 00%.

How do I fix this?


Answer by Psychic Computer RepairĀ® PEBKAC?
Adobe support is excellent

Installing brushes in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator?

Question by Leigh: Installing brushes in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator?
Could anyone walk me through installing brushes in Photoshop and Illustrator? I’ve done it before, but half the time the brushes don’t show up, and I don’t know why.

Also, does anyone have any recommendations where to get nice brushes for Photoshop and Illustrator?

Thanks in advance!!

Best answer:

Answer by Jamie W
Put the brush file in your photoshop brueshes folder. usually Programs>Adobe>Photoshop>Brushes

Now restart Photoshop if its open. Go to brushes look for the little triangle next to the brush choices. Click on that and select add brushes(or something similiar, I dont have PS on this computer) You should see the brushes you added available on the list. Click on it. You should be good to go. (this varies slighlty depending on what version of PS you are using)

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Q&A: What are the system requirements for installing Adobe CS4 Master Collection?

Question by Philip: What are the system requirements for installing Adobe CS4 Master Collection?
I using a computer with 320 GB HDD (partitioned into 4). I thought this is high enough. However, every time I try to install Adobe CS4 Master Collection in one partition which have 90.5 GB free disk space, the setup tells me that the size (less than 10 GB in total) of my selected options exceeds the available space. Why is this so?

Best answer:

Answer by korgrue
Your HD is likely too fragmented. In other words, you probably dont have enough continuous unused space on your drive.

Defrag and try again.

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installing photoshop brushes won’t workk ?!?

okk .. i know u go to [[ C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Presets\Brushes ]] to install your brushes .. but when i opened photoshop, the brushes weren’t installed yet! so just to make sure if it worked or not, i went to the brushes folder and deleted all brushes, opened photoshop, and the brushes were still there. whether i install some in or take some out of the brushes folder, it won’t work! help ?!

Installing Brushes for Photoshop Cs4?

Ok i got a windows 7 so things should be a little different i think well i downloaded some brushed and i click load brushes and i made a file called Photoshop and when i click it nothings there does anybody have a better way of installing your brushes for CS4? I had Cs4 before but…Idk i never did the brushes before