need help with Photoshop cs 5. Brush problem.?

Question by Woop: need help with Photoshop cs 5. Brush problem.?
need help with Photoshop cs 5. Brush problem.?
So i have Cs 5 i think its the extended edition but it looks nothing like the other photo shops i;ve used. almost all the same features (its missing some from what i remember of the cs2 version) i cant find any brushes that don’t end with a sharp edge if you get me? usually the brushes i used would start faint until you add more pressure then the line would become the block colour you are using and as think as thick as you’ve selected then when ending the pen stroke it trails off like it gets thinner at the end of a stroke, but for some reason there is non of that type! I need that style of brush for the project im working on aswell. 🙁

Do you understand me?

I have a wacom tablet if that helps.

How do i find a brush like that? Or tweak a brush so that it becomes like that


Answer by Mega
I think I understand.

Usually it’s two cases.

1. There is no brush itself.
solve>>Go to the brush option bar. Then click the ‘Brush preset picker’.
Click the right top button. On the bottom, you can see groups blahblah Brushes.
Click one of them and Click Append. Do this to all of them and you’ll be able to find brush you want.

2. When you paint some part, there is just one color and that’s all.(No strength controlling)
solve>>You’ll see ‘Flow’ on the brush option bar. control the percentage and you’ll know the difference

Q&A: Help! in photoshop brushes!?

Question by trouble in ym: Help! in photoshop brushes!?
ok so in my photoshopp cs2 my brushes becae different. When I preview them before they somehow look like an “S” well the ends of a scripted S that it(something like smoke) and now it became an boring not scripted”S”. I want to make the light effects and i can’t do it right becuase of its shape.pleas help me!

* that is the brush way I want)
*I want the STROKE of my brush to be something smoke-ish..not round-ish


Answer by Daniel Düsentrieb
on this page you get
the solution for your problem!


I have photoshop cs5 and when i go to use the brush tool its okay and comes out with the colour i want but if i go over a bit ive already done it turns white.
am i doing something wrong?
im knew to photoshop so dont know much about it,


Answer by Sandeep Thakur
what I think is that you are using color mixer brush tool.

there as 3-4 brushes under brush category. Using color mixer brush makes easy to mix colors with each other but it has some problems with the document boundaries.

If you brush nearby the document boundaries then it may give different color…

try using normal brush….

Q&A: help with the brush tool in photoshop CS3?

Question by Jay S: help with the brush tool in photoshop CS3?
when i change the opacity of the brush tool in CS3, it looks great, but the problem is that if i lift up on my mouse and click again, it will darken any area that i have already covered with the brush…this is a problem because it means i’d have to paint entirely with one stroke…what can i do to fix this?

thanks for your help


Answer by Left-T
Check this site for any problems using Photoshop

I’m not sure if you are using layers. If that is the case, click the icon to the left of each layer that isnt selected so those layers are invisible and the only visible layer is the one that you want to move.

Q&A: Need some Photoshop help: finding splatter brush?

Question by websurfer59: Need some Photoshop help: finding splatter brush?
I’m trying to do this tutorial: , but in step 1, it says to use the splatter brush tool, but I can’t seem to find it. Can someone help me find it? I’m using Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0


Answer by Jojo C
What You can do is Click the Brush Tool, Click where you choose Your Brush, and than Click the Icon that Looks like a Play Button. That will Bring down a Menu with Categories, you can Look through them and Look for the Brush! 🙂 😉 Good Luck! 🙂

Help with brush tool in Photoshop?

Question by Ariette: Help with brush tool in Photoshop?
Whenever I use the brush, it always comes out colorless and gray and no! the image mode is set to ‘RGB Color’. The pen tool works just fine (the coloring and all) but whenever I use the brush tool and adjust it to a pitch black color it comes out gray or light gray. I use Photoshop CS4 with a tablet and I always set the opacity 100%. Please help, I want this problem to be fixed. 🙁


Answer by John Jee
Please check dezinews website. I am sure, it will help you.

Help! Can’t change brush spacing in photoshop!?

Question by T¬R: Help! Can’t change brush spacing in photoshop!?
Using photoshop elements 4.0, I can’t change brush spacing- the setting is simply greyed out. I need it to be very low so that i can draw complete lines with my tablet! Any ideas?
I reset the tools, and now it works. weird


Answer by Mujer Alta
I’ve never experienced this problem. All I can think of is to try a couple of other brush tips and see if the spacing is still greyed out. I launched PSE 4 and, using one of the Default Brushes, changed a bunch of things on the Options Bar to see if any of them greyed out the Spacing slider but none did. Then I selected some specialty brushes and regular brushes and none of them greyed out the Spacing slider. The Spacing slider was always available. About all I can recommend is to click on the brush icon on the far left side of the Options Bar and click on Reset This Tool.

Q&A: Photoshop Brushes: Abr files (HELP!!!)?

Question by antoinette2190: Photoshop Brushes: Abr files (HELP!!!)?
I have photoshop pro x.. it’s corel and it’s from the mid 2000’s. I tried to upload brushes for my program but it says my program doesn’t read abr files and I don’t know how to fix it, when I know it does read abr. I’ve downloaded brushes before. It’s just being stupid. I don’t know what to do. Please help me. I need either a place that makes jif or jpeg brushes or a way for my laptop to read abr. HELP!


Answer by Tim D
The trouble may be that abr files are intended for Adobe Photoshop not Paint Shop Pro, so some abr files mat not be compatible with Corel products especially if they are created in a more recent version of Photoshop.

Loading Photoshop Brushes??? please HELP?

Question by Even Deeper Inside Of You: Loading Photoshop Brushes??? please HELP?
Ok I extracted and saved the brushes under c directory- adobe – presets – brushes …im sure yet when i open adobe photoshop and go to brushes to load they are not there?!?!???
…so i cant download them…

Heres the weird thing…when i open the brushes without the program itsel( here i mean by just going to my computer – c drive – program files – adobe – presets – brushes ) they ARE there…

What do i have to do to be able to open the brushes?

and i have tried to download them again, but the same thing happens…

Thank You


Answer by Don M
You need to double click the brushes where they are stored to open the download.
I am a little confused at the fact why you would download or need to there is a wide array of all the brushes you need that come with the software. This program is for professional use and there are 4 different places you can choose to alter your brushes in size and style of brush to use. Look around a little.


ive just installed adobe photoshop cs4 and when i click on the start menu and the icon for it to launch it, it comes up with the lisenced agreement and everytime i click agree and once i have done that nothing happens!
its really annoying and i really want to go on it. it is the trial version by the way.

please help.
all answers will be appreciated.


Answer by メランコリー
do you mind to try reinstalling?
or maybe you should ask Adobe’s Customer Service, i think