Photoshop CS4 my gradient effects only appear in grayscale?

Question by Mey: Photoshop CS4 my gradient effects only appear in grayscale?
I apply a colored gradient, but it only shows up in hues of grays. What is wrong?


Answer by nick
This might sound silly but is your image a black and white/grayscale image? See if the “mode” is set to RGB. If not see if changing it helps. (Image —> Mode –> RGB)

The only two other things I can think of (if the above isn’t the problem) is that 1. the layer you’re applying the gradient to is set to a blend mode causing it to look gray on your image (set it to normal if it’s not and see if it’s still happening), or 2. you have an adjustment layer affecting your gradient layer perhaps — apply a new gradient to the top-most layer with absolutely nothing above it and see if it’s still happening.

How do I fade TWO edges with gradient in PS CS4?

Question by Hen: How do I fade TWO edges with gradient in PS CS4?
I’m trying to make a graphic with text in PhotoShop CS4 and I want to fade the left and right edge of the word. So I select the gradient tool and fade one edge out. I go to the other edge and as soon as I fade it a little the other side goes straight back to normal. How do I fade both edges?


Answer by Mr. Adorkable
Okay, let me try to explain this. The reason you can’t have both edges fade with gradient is because all the text is on the same layer. Remove any gradient you have already done. Rasterize your text layer if you haven’t already. Hold CTRL and click on the layer your text is on. This will select your text. Then grab the rectangle select tool and select one half of the text and do Layer – New – Layer Via Cut. This will put one half of your text onto a new layer. Then just do the gradient on each layer and you’ll get your effect.

It’s kinda hard to explain exactly without a picture of what you are trying to achieve.

Where is Gradient Tool for Photoshop CS4?

Question by cikamoi: Where is Gradient Tool for Photoshop CS4?
I am new in Photoshop. I wanna to know where is the Gradient Tool for CS4. Can anyone help me?
And also where to find a FULL tutorial for PHOTOSHOP CS4?


Answer by Stop looking at my name
In Photoshop, make a regular shape, then in the properties box, click on where it says solid, and choose Gradient, and the linear.

As far as tutorials go, you should be able to find one by searching google.