My photoshop brushes ARE GONE!?

Question by =) Michelle: My photoshop brushes ARE GONE!?
I am really mad right now. I downloaded a set of brushes for photoshop off Deviant art, and once I opened them EVERY SINGLE one of my GOOD brushes were gone!!! Why did this happen? Are they still there and I just can’t see them, or what?


Answer by Cat Litter Man
someone must have stolen them

Why are some of my Brushes gone in Photoshop?

Question by Booberz: Why are some of my Brushes gone in Photoshop?
Ok, I have Photoshop CS2. I recently jsut reseted my brushes by accident now I cant find the brushes were there before. I am not talking the one you load up. I am talking about the one that has been in photoshop since I installed it. Its this clear brush that you dont need to click on the Air brush option, the shape of it is circle. I tried looking for it but its just not there anymore! What should I do?

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Answer by Drew
Photoshop lets you make your own brushes. Why don’t you just replicate the ones you need? It only takes a minute.

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Photoshop gone haywire?

I have photoshop CS and use it all the time. But recently it’s gone weird. I can’t erase or use brushes at all. Every time I try to do so, a window pops up that says can not complete your request due to a program error. i don’t know what’s going on!!!! I’ve scanned it for viruses but nothing comes up. Any ideas?

Photoshop Elements 6, I made stamps into brushes and now there gone!!!! Help me PLEASE!!!?

I made stamps into brushes just like your suppose to. I used them a few times too. I decided to check out their other brush options cause I was going to use one of them, but when I looked at mine, they were all gone!!!! I can’t find a way to get them back, I’ve tried all I could. Please help, I took four hours on changing stamps I wanted into brushes!!! They have to be somewhere!! I’ve tried Photoshop help, but it doesn’t help me.