Q&A: How to restore Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 settings to default?

Question by Darmok: How to restore Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 settings to default?
I’m currently editing a video on Premiere Pro CS4 but I’ve somehow accidentally changed the settings for a particular feature. When you have clips on the timeline and youre putting them next to each other, when one reaches the other usually a little line appears between the clips to show you that theyre right next to each other, and perfectly alligned (one not overlapping the other etc.) for some reason this is now gone, and its quite annoying. Does anybody know how to fix this? Thanks in advance


Answer by Glenn
From now on, just use the Ripple Delete. It closes those spaces for you. No need to drag. Just right-click in the space. To reset your settings, you can delete the Preferences folder. If I recall, it’s in My Documents>Adobe>Premiere Pro>Prefs

Q&A: Lost default photoshop brushes?

Question by December: Lost default photoshop brushes?
I’m running photoshop 7.0, and after installing my bamboo pen tablet, the default brushes turned to a sort of ribbon-like brush. The rest of them are correct, but what should be the circular (hard and soft) brush, have changed. Does anyone know why this has happened, and how I can get the circular brushes back? I don’t really want to reinstall, because I don’t want to reload all the other brushes I have. Is there a default download?


Answer by Maya
Have you tried going to your brush menu and clicking reset brushes and when it asks you if you want to replace with default brushes, clicking yes?

Replaced Default Photoshop Brush?

Question by Larissa: Replaced Default Photoshop Brush?
I have Photoshop 7.0,there was a brush under the soft brushes and above the really soft brushes shown here in the 5th picture as the 3rd 4th and 5th brush http://www.digitalscrapbookplace.com/university/tutorials/ps_brushpalette_ep.shtml but they were replaced with new brushes much like the normal brushes does anyone know how to get them back?

Best answer:

Answer by Goerge
Hi Larissa. Deviant art has TONS of Photoshop brushes. I have also seen default brushes there as well. http://browse.deviantart.com/resources/applications/psbrushes/#/d1ytm3r is one possibility. Click on the Deviant art icon top left and use the search box up top to search for more. They also have presets and so much more than simply Photoshop.

Edit: It’s considered bad etiquette to just download and run. The “right” thing to do is get a FREE account and at least put a thank you in the comment box. You won’t get spammed by the user or Deviant Art. To be honest the only time I received mail was when someone I thanked or asked a question wrote me back saying they hope I enjoy them or Admin was telling me that there was a solution to one of my site questions AKA open ticket reponse. The mail from the creator of the art is personal it isn’t some auto-mail spammer so not everyone you submit a comment to will respond. Anyways a thank you is appreciated.

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Q&A: How can I embed a default flash media player into a flash CS4 website?

Question by michael: How can I embed a default flash media player into a flash CS4 website?
I am creating a website for a band using Flash CS4. Instead of creating a media player from scratch I want to use a something that has been created already, but I do not know how I would embed the code. I have an actions layers for all my Action Scripting.

Any help would be great!

Best answer:

Answer by Colanth
Try http://www.flamplayer.com/

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When using a texture with a brush on photoshop. How can I get (the texture) to stay its default colour?

Question by Stopit_Ilikeit: When using a texture with a brush on photoshop. How can I get (the texture) to stay its default colour?

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Answer by ☥☮♡☯✌
Photoshop Textures, there are two methods of texture, an overlay as bumpmap, or a pattern used for brush,

when you select pattern for brush the color should stay the same, but check options for gradient blends, and blending modes, those coloud be set to change colours,

Texture filters
Use the Texture filters to simulate the appearance of depth or substance, or to add an organic look.

Textured brush options
A textured brush uses a pattern to make strokes look as if they are painted on textured canvas.

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where can I find default photoshop brushes?

Question by jojodeejo: where can I find default photoshop brushes?
I got photoshop via torrent, and it’s missing the plain old circular brush. I can’t find it anywhere online because everyone has fancy brushes

Best answer:

Answer by TK
download the trial from adobe


expand it and fine the brushes in the default files of the installer.

remember to buy photoshop if you use it more than 30 days

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Lost a default Photoshop brush set, and can’t reset it?

Question by Magnus: Lost a default Photoshop brush set, and can’t reset it?
I have Photoshop Elements 3. A friend came over to show me a trick with custom brushes, and somewhere along the line, the Calligraphy Brush set seems to have been replaced with the Default Brush set. The calligraphy brushes are actually the ones I need the most, and when I hit “Reset Brushes” in the Preset Manager, the calligraphy set still has the wrong brushes.

I’m having difficulty finding the original CD. Is a re-install the only solution?

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Answer by Todd Y
If you’re having trouble finding the cd how would you reinstall it?

No, a reinstall isnt the only way, you just need a copy of the brush file then paste it back into the brushes folder under presets…

You might look in the folder and see if its still there…it just might need to be renamed…

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Why did all of my brushes (aside from the default) disappear from photoshop?

I was using photoshop CS4 yesterday and everything was fine, but when I opened it today, all of the custom brushes I had downloaded were gone. Why did this happen? Is there a way to get them back?

Set default size for GIMP brushes?

Well, i downloaded some customized GIMP brushes from the internet.

Some were really huge, and it made me run slow.
What i do is i resize them right after choosing them (ver. 2.6.6=resizable brushes :D)

I was just wondering if there was any way to actually set the default size for the brushes? Just so that i don’t have to resize them and go through the choppy-ness everytime.