Where can I find any clothing folds photoshop brushes?

Question by Evelyn: Where can I find any clothing folds photoshop brushes?
I would really like to use some brushes to create folds on clothes in photoshop. I can’t find anywhere. If there is someone who knows where can I download or a person that is willing to create some brushes for me, I would be grateful. I searched all over the internet and I found no free downloads of such brushes. What I more exactly need looks something like this:


Thank you.
I am using deviantart.com for 3 years and believe me that I know the site very well and I can not find there what I need. I searched the internet seriously, even submitted requests for such kind of brushes but nothing helped so far …


Answer by m
best site on earth
and the best answer u’d eva get


Does anybody know where to get Photoshop Brushes styled like Affliction Clothing line?

I’m designing a T-shirt, or a T-shirt idea and i can’t seem to find any brushes that are exactly what I’m looking for. The few that i did find were for CS versions. If there are any places you know of with 4.0 or higher versions, PLEASE let me know. Thanks