How do I fix dodge and burn on Photoshop Cs4?

Question by Mishka: How do I fix dodge and burn on Photoshop Cs4?
Dodge and burn suddenly stopped on my Photoshop I’ve tried restarting Photoshop but it does the same thing. I just can’t dodge or burn anymore.


Answer by geek546
Select the tool, then move the pointer top left on the Options bar and right click on the tool icon. On the menu click on Reset Tool.

Photoshop: why is my paint brush acting like the burn tool?

Question by wequaltoyou: Photoshop: why is my paint brush acting like the burn tool?
I’m still getting used to photoshop. I’ve reset it, and have no idea how i got into this but my paint brush is normal, my color pick is normal but it’s light, like it’s only making a shadow on the white back ground, i need solid black. How do I get thing’s back to normal? please and thank you

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Answer by Laura
Check the opacity and the flow. If those are both at 100%, check the opacity and mode of the layer you are working on. Make sure that the opacity for the layer is 100%, and the mode is Normal.

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Photoshop Question – Burn Tool?

This is kinda hard to explain. I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop CS3 for about a year now and I do a lot of Graphic art on it for school (comic art, manga etc) Anyway; when drawing clothes or skin-shadows need to be used and i find the Burn tool comes in handy for this. The only thing is; when trying to create the right pattern with the brush; it will darken sections of my picture that have already been..’burnt’.

When using the regular brush tool-if i set the opacity lower; i can color a whole picture and go over the same spot without it darkening as long as i don’t take my mouse off the page-i was wondering whether anything like this would be possible with the burn tool.

I’ve tried selecting the part of the pic i want to burn and then going over it with a large burn brush but then the edges arent blurred enough-even if i use the blur tool…does this make ANY sense? and can anyone help me???

Basically; i want to be able to use the burn tool anywhere on a pic and not have it darken previously burnt sections as long as I havent removed the mouse from the pic since burning that section.