Smooth and accurate art softwhere, not photo editing?

I am looking for a program to do art work such as senory and anime like style, banners, backgrounds, avatars with a wacom tablet. I have used paint shop pro 8, GIMP, Corel Painter essentials.

The problem I have with all of them is that the brush strokes and not very smooth and not very acurate (especialy on corel painter) I feal like I have to use a smudge brush just to make the lines less gaget.

And On GIMP if you have a lot of layers or you are using a large brush size… the program slows down and makes acurate strokes impossible.

I work with layers.
I Use a wacom tablet (intuos) wich I love… Now I just need a nice program.

I dont want a photo editing program, I want something that is SOULY for art, banners, backgrounds, avatars.

I hear Photoshop cs is good… but is really out of my price range (not that I want somthing for free)

I am willing to pay… but not tooo much.
@ John G: This 6D is it better then the Inius? Because that cost me over 200 dollars…..