how to access these photoshop brushes?

Question by vegan_lauren: how to access these photoshop brushes?

most of them are on deviantart i think. how do i use them in photoshop? how do i get them onto photoshop off the website?


Answer by Magneto M
Click on the ‘Download’ link on the left of the image at Deviant Art. And download the brush file to your computer. (The file should have an extenstion ‘.abr’ and remember where you are saving it on your computer)

Now open up Photoshop and click the brushes icon on the toolbar. On the tool settings above click on the small down arrow next to the brush size. In the tab that opens up click the small arrow key on the right of the brush size and choose the option ‘Load Brushes’. Now choose the file that you have just downloaded and click OK. You will now have the new brushes added to your default Photoshop brushes. Scroll down the brush list to find them.

If you need more help on Photoshop, check out some great tutorials that would help you to begin with:

Does anybody know why I can’t access the Brushes Palette in Photoshop 7, and how can I fix it?

Due to a recent nasty system issue, I have been unable to access Photoshop 7’s brush palette. All I get are a list of brushes. It is extremely important that I fix this, and Adobe is not helping. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.