How do i design clothes in Photoshop CS3?

I’d like to design clothes in Photoshop CS3, but it’s very difficult just using the brushes and pencils, etc. What else can you suggest?

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  1. go to Cs3 heLp And Find What YouLL BeEn loOkinG For I haVe Here Ver.Cs2 onlY!,.I Wish I Can Have that!=),.


  2. the brushes and pencils in photosop are the easiest tools to use in photoshop…

    it just gets difficult if you are using the mouse. try to invest in a “pen tablet”. it is like a mouse but you hold it like a pen/brush and has a pad that performs as if you are writing on the pc monitor.

    genius pen tablets are cheap and very good.
    wacom pen tablets are expensive and great.

  3. Look at Illustrator CS3. It produce vector graphics and has another intresting tools for your type of work.

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